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Foshan Tourist Attractions 7 Mind-Blowing Tourist Attractions in Foshan Not to Miss on Your China Tour

The capital of the much-loved Chinese Kung Fu, Foshan is among the most fascinating places to visit in China. You will be amazed at the awesome tourist attractions in Foshan you’ll come across during your trip.

From natural landscapes and cultural scenery to ancient temples and other epic monuments, Foshan attractions will leave you spellbound! So, how about visiting this spectacular side of China on your vacation this year? Keep reading to find out what kind of awesome and mind-blowing tourist attractions in Foshan, China to cover during your trip!

Top Foshan Attractions That Will Make You Love This City:

There are countless things that will make you simply love Foshan! There is plenty to see and do in this fabulous China city. That’s why we don’t recommend you make a quick, short trip on last minute flights. You’ll just end up missing out on some really exciting Foshan attractions. Check out the ensuing list of the best tourist attractions in Foshan to cover during your trip. Don’t forget to try some delicious Foshan food during your trip!

1. Xiqiao Mountain

A volcano that’s been lying dormant for thousands of years, Xiqiao Mountain is among the topmost tourist attractions in Foshan for nature lovers to visit. Located in the Nanhai Area, this scenic landscape is replete with pristine lakes, majestic peaks, mysterious caves, gorgeous pools, and stunning waterfalls among other things. A massive Buddha statue more than 200-feet tall sitting atop the Daxian Peak is the main attraction here.

2. Foshan Ancestral Temple

An incredibly popular Daoist Temple in downtown Foshan, the stunning Foshan Ancestral Temple is among the top attractions to visit in the city. With over 600 years of history, the iconic Foshan Ancestral Temple was built to worship the Beidi who is considered the leader of all other gods in the city. Besides its mind-blowing architecture, the temple’s ceiling embellished with various figures is among its most striking features.

3. Wong Fei-Hung Memorial Hall

Among the most interesting tourist attractions in Foshan is the Wong Fei-Hung Memorial Hall situated north of the iconic Foshan Ancestral Temple. It’s been designed after the Qing Dynasty’s fire-walled wok-handle house. It depicts the style of ancestral temples and folk residences that existed when the legendary martial artist Huang Feihong was alive. Besides the Huang Feihong Cinema and a showroom, there is a patio and hall where people can practice Wushu.

4. Bruce Lee Ancestral House

For die-hard fans of Bruce Lee, this is among the top and must-see tourist attractions in Foshan. The place was built by Lee Zhenbiao, the grandfather of Bruce Lee and it is believed that the legendary martial arts icon resided here for a short while. Built in the typical local residence style, the house has black roofing tiles along with gray bricks. Imagine the thrill of standing in the place your childhood idol once lived!

5. Shanshui Lotus Theme Park

Did you know that this is the world’s largest lotus theme park? If you love flowers, stunning landscapes, and all things nature, this is the best place to visit in Foshan for you. The gorgeous park is a haven to relax your weary soul and you can spend a peaceful time amid vibrant and beautiful flowers. The park deals in landscape gardens, flower trade, palm garden, ornamental fish breeding, bonsai garden, and a lot more.

6. Foshan China Nightlife

If you’re a night-owl, be assured that Foshan China Nightlife is quite colorful and vibrant. There are scores of awesome tourist attractions in Foshan, Guangdong to be enjoyed at night. These include pubs, cafes, teahouses, and more. Some of the top night spots to visit in Foshan are Infinity Club, Big Star Theater, LanKwai Fong, V-club, Karaoke TV, and Yosemite Coffee among other places.

7. Foshan Shopping

Your trip to this awesome city in China is complete if you haven’t indulged in a bit of exciting Foshan shopping. Exploring top markets for awesome bargains is among the best tourist attractions in Foshan to be enjoyed. You can buy China silks, handicrafts, ethnic wear, pottery items, wood articles, carved items, ceramics, and more in Foshan. Top places to shop at include Nanhai Plaza, Commercial Street, Trust-Mart, and Baihua Plaza among other places.

Best Time to Visit Foshan:

Summers can be extremely hot and winters can be extremely cold in Foshan. Thereby, it is not advisable to book business class flights for a trip to Foshan during these seasons. The best time to visit Foshan is during the spring months of March to May and autumn months of September to November. Foshan China weather is at its pleasant best during these months. So, plan a visit during these months and come enjoy as many of these awesome tourist attractions in Foshan as you can!

How to Reach Foshan:

It is quite easy to reach and visit the top tourist attractions in Foshan. To reach Foshan, international travelers must book cheap flights to GuangzhouBaiyun International Airport (CAN), the nearest one to Foshan. From here, you will find express buses, airport shuttles, and inter-city buses that ply to Foshan. You can also take a taxi to get to Foshan from Guangzhou Airport.


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